Woman training someone how to do CPR

CPR training is an incredibly important skill to have, and it can be the difference between life and death. Earning your Texas CPR certification has never been easier! With our American Heart Associates (AHA) CPR Dallas classes you can gain the skillset necessary to save lives and receive a valid CPR certificate at the end.

What is CPR? CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a life-saving technique used in emergency situations to help restore breathing and circulation. During CPR class, participants will learn important skills such as when to perform CPR, proper hand placement to perform compressions, and rescue breathing. They will also learn how to recognize signs of a heart attack or stroke, choking, and in our latest update, what to do in the event that someone is overdosing on an opioid.

Additionally, all students will practice on feedback mannequins while instructors provide real-time feedback. After successful completion of the course, participants will receive a CPR certification card that recognizes their achievement.
Did you know many employers require their staff to be CPR certified? Here’s why:

Man performing CPR on training dummy
  1. Employers require CPR training to ensure their employees are equipped with the necessary
    skills and knowledge in case of a medical emergency.
  2. CPR is an essential life-saving skill that can help save lives when applied quickly and
  3. Having certified staff who know how to do CPR gives employers peace of mind knowing
    they have taken steps to protect their workers.
  4. Knowing first aid, including CPR, allows companies to reduce liability risks from potentially
    dangerous workplace situations.
  5. CPR certification provides employees with confidence and ensures they have the ability to
    act swiftly and effectively in a crisis situation.

Investing in this life-saving knowledge is invaluable, so don’t wait any longer – sign up and receive your CPR certification in Dallas today!

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