Tongue Depressors Non-Sterile Senior 6″10/500/Case


  • HIGH-QUALITY: The Dynarex Tongue Depressors are precision cut and have polished, smooth edges to provide a safe, comfortable, and high-quality tool for several applications. These tongue depressor sticks are ideal for hospitals, clinics, and shops.
  • USED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: The Dynarex Tongue Depressors are utilized by medical professionals to facilitate an oral airway in the mouth while depressing the tongue. Useful in providing a safe examination of the mouth and throat.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE POPSICLE STICKS: Tongue depressors, otherwise known as popsicle sticks, hold a variety of uses such as spreading ointments or for wooden craft projects. Plus, they are perfect for making treats due to being tasteless and odorless.
  • PACKAGED IN BULK BOXES: The Senior tongue depressors are 6″ in length, non-sterile, and are shipped in boxes of 500. The bulk packaging allows these tongue depressors to be easily moved into jars or drawers by the handful.
  • WOODEN STICKS: Each tongue depressor is made from sturdy birch wood that limits splintering and utilizes rounded edges which provides a comfortable experience. Dynarex always provides Best in Class alternatives to other leading brands and products.

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  • Precision cut, polished smooth edges
  • Sturdy, uniform in size and color
  • Packed in convenient sterile peel-down pouches


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Tongue Depressors Non-Sterile Senior 6"10/500/Case